Rules to run with Paul on the route

Support runners are encouraged to run along with Paul, but in order for Paul to be successful in completing his goal of LA to NYC in 40 days there are strict rules that must be followed for everyone wishing to run with him.

Paul sets the pace

  • Paul plans to maintain a 10-12 minute per mile pace for most of the run.
  • There may be times when he runs up to a 9-minute mile if he is feeling good.
  • Paul will not wait for others to catch up.
  • Paul will not stop to have conversations while running.
  • Paul will not stop or slow down except designated crew spots - refer to crew support and anticipated schedule below.

Paul is always in the front and on the right side

  • Paul is always in the front and on the right side.
  • Runners may be beside or half a step behind on the left, but not ahead.
  • In a large group, Paul is at the front.
  • If the road narrows, with oncoming traffic, Paul continues running, and others must go single file with Paul at the front.

Communication while running

  • Paul may not engage in a lot of talking while running (especially later in the day), but appreciates the distractions of others talking.
  • Runners can talk freely, but limited responses from Paul should be expected. Don’t expect him to hold a conversation.
  • Avoid discussing the Transcon; anything else is fair game for conversation.

Crew Support

  • The crew is there to support Paul.
  • Runners must bring their own nutrition and water.
  • The crew will not carry packs and belongings for runners.
  • Runners are responsible for their transportation to and from the route.
  • The crew cannot provide transportation to runners' vehicles.

Anticipated Daily Schedule

  • The day will be divided into 15-20 mile major intervals with a 15-minute break.
  • During breaks, Paul receives a warm meal and fluids and rests.
  • The crew will be stationed every two miles ahead of him for support and supply exchanges.